How To Choose Rigid Denim Jeans

Do 100% Cotton Jeans Stretch And Everything Else You’re Wondering About Real Denim Jeans

How and where to buy real denim jeans
Credit: Cam Morin
Are 100% cotton jeans better than jeans with stretch?

Yes, 100% cotton jeans are better quality because the natural fibers in cotton denim are stronger than man-made synthetic fibers such as polyester or elastane. The strength of the natural fibers in 100% cotton jeans means the fabric changes less over time. Cotton jeans look new longer and maintain their original shape even through years of wear.

Are cotton jeans good investments?

100% cotton jeans are good investments because natural fibers in cotton are more durable and more resilient than stretch fibers made in a laboratory. Cotton jeans look new longer, hold their shape better, don’t stain as easily, don’t trap odors and are more comfortable to wear.

How do you break in 100% cotton jeans?

Rather than breaking in new cotton jeans, focus on carefully trying on 100% cotton jeans to ensure they fit well before buying. It’s recommended to try on cotton jeans at home and wear each pair for 2 to 3 hours — being extra careful not to stain or damage them. You can buy 100% cotton jeans online or purchase at a store and save the receipt in case you need to return them later. Giving cotton jeans time to adjust to the contours of your body will help you know if they are too tight, too loose or just right.

Will 100% cotton jeans shrink?

The denim in 100% cotton jeans is typically preshrunk, so shrinkage is minimal. To prevent minor shrinkage, wash cotton jeans in cold water. While wet, gently stretch the jeans back into shape, first by holding the waistband and pulling on the outside seam of each leg, then by holding the crotch seam and pulling on the inside seam of each leg. Last, put your hands on the left and right sides of the waistband and give a light tug. Be careful not to pull too hard or your jeans could stretch more than you want.

Are cotton jeans stretchy?

Cotton jeans are not as stretchy as jeans with stretch. However, 100% cotton jeans are still made of cotton — one of nature’s most forgiving fibers. If you want your cotton jeans rigid, look for styles made with medium or heavyweight denim in darker washes. These are easiest to find in the fall and winter. If you prefer cotton denim with a little give, choose summer weight jeans or faded denim jeans in light washes. These are often much softer and less rigid than dark shades or medium and heavyweight denim.